Annoyed about not growing enough?

We grow Brands with Social Media & Retention Marketing Strategies

We are your dedicated Growth Partner. And we genuinely give a fuck.

2x Average CTR
$2M Revenue Generated
97 Happy Clients


SMS and emails that actually convert

High deliverability High-converting emails

We generate revenue at scale.
Are you a startup or a fast-growing eCommerce store that would like to rely less on ads? The answer is recurring revenue. With email and sms marketing, you can increase your profits without spending a dime more on ads.


How we do it

We’ve built internal processes that enable us to offer email and SMS marketing services that meet your unique needs.


We eliminate the risk for our clients and GUARANTEE results

Onik Lab wants to erase the ‘I’ve been burnt in the past’ conversation that all founders have. So we’ve removed the risk entirely for our clients. They do not risk a single cent if we don’t actually deliver profitable results.

Correct, guaranteed results (of course, you have to qualify for such an offer).


We maximize your CPA so you can profit more from your paid advertising

With recent rising costs in advertising, stocks, shipping, and employees, it has been harder and harder to be profitable relying only on your paid traffic channels.

That’s why we maximize your Cost Per Acquisition by increasing the number of times your clients buy from you every year, increasing your e-Commerce CLTV.


We don’t overcharge

You pay what is right to be profitable, not what we want you to pay.

Also, our fees are lower than the average “big” agency because we do everything internally, and we have set up killer SOPs to deliver the best service on budget and on time.


Clients’ results

Don’t trust us. Trust our numbers!


Why Onik Lab

We help eCommerce companies grow store revenue, establish their brand recognition, and unlock hidden profits.

What Makes Us Different 

Leave SMS and email marketing to us and focus on what matters. There’s no need to manage a team of copywriters, designers, and Klaviyo specialists! Sit back and relax, knowing your emails are in expert hands.

  • Custom email marketing strategy
  • Increase your recurring revenue without spending more on paid ads
  • Build a community around your brand
  • Track your campaign results in real-time



Muhammad Hasnain Hyder

Thanks to Onik Lab’s efforts, the client saw a significant increase in revenue of over 40%, exceeding their business goals. The team executed a seamless workflow and communicated well to explain the project’s development. Their work quality stood out in the partnership.

Rene’ Wilbanks

The emails have been successful in increasing sales for my regular customers, as well as prompting new conversions.

We have a meeting once a month. It’s been great working together with them. They have been so helpful in helping me strategize.

Also, I liked the fact that they also work together with my ad agency.

Kyle Feigenbaum

In our first month of working with Onik Lab, we had our most successful month to date with over 50% of revenue coming from email marketing.


Sound like you?
Book in your free ‘Strategic Session’

Remember: we have a full money-back guarantee if we don’t deliver profitable results, aka you don’t make a profit on our service fee.

No other agency can offer this because they cannot deliver profitable results at scale.
Once you’re booked in, we’ll be able to send you downloadable assets,
resources and training prior to our call!




Is this for me?

This is for Founders with over $30k/mo in revenue who want to scale to 7 & 8 figures.
You have a great product with a potential high retention rate, but you struggle to maximize your CPA, encouraging customers to buy from you multiple times.

+80 eCommerce brands have worked with us to increase their client retention rate and revenue via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Marketing strategies.

What’s this program about?

Our “Omni-Retention Method” will maximize your client retention rate, increasing Average Order Value and squeezing profits out of your list while building an asset for your brand – without fully relying on paid traffic.

Will I get personalized designs and copies?

Of course. We hate any copy/paste strategy. We’ll deeply study your brand guidelines and buyer personas and come up with a creative outcome that will perfectly match your brand’s tone of voice.

How much time do we need to get up and run?

Great question. We love speed, but we hate rushing. Our onboarding process is super fast, but we take around two weeks to start implementing the first pieces of your Retention Marketing strategy and six weeks to have everything up and running.

We care about your brand guidelines, ToV, and we take enough time to dive into them and create emails you (and your customers) will love.

Oh, and they will convert!

How does communication work?

You’ll have access to a Slack channel, and an Account Manager will be assigned to your brand (along with a whole team) to ensure fast and prompt communication.

You can reach out to us every day and expect the minimum slack time between questions/answers during working hours.