Andrea Biasci

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Andrea Biasci


Andrea Biasci is an entrepreneur, publisher (X best-sellers), and athlete who made bodybuilding and fitness history in Italy.

His books, “Project Nutrition” and “Project Strength,” are a must-read for any personal trainer who wants to level up.

The Problem

He became an authority from 2010 to 2020 thanks to his blog and YT videos, but he lacked a structure to dominate social media in 2022.

Also, as an 8-figures entrepreneur, he lacks time to manage social media by himself.

Thinking about content, coming up with the ideas, the hooks, the scripts, editing, and posting (not to mention the content analysis and A/B testing)… It can’t work if you want to scale and impact the world.

No consistent posting, no strategy to sell his products, and everything was tied to his free time (very little), which transformed into low-quality and weak pieces of content.


  • Increase authority on IG and TikTok
  • Sell more copies of his books organically
  • Increase engagement rate and clicks

Before Onik Lab

They were inconsistently posting content without optimizing it for social media.

No brand ID nor post consistency (lack of authority on the platform)

No strategy in place to sell his products

Poor engagement rate

After Onik Lab

We focused on optimizing and repurposing the insane volume of content he posted into different formats throughout the past years, plus we came up with new short-form content ideas.

1.2M accounts reached (+96.4% compared to the previous period)

46.2k accounts engaged (+21.2% compared to the previous period)

Strong brand identity to stand out from the crowd

Better KPIs related to sales performance after implementing our social media strategy (lower CPAs, high ROIs, etc.).

Content went viral (300k views on many Reels)


Although there is a vast amount of A/B testing on this content, the best practices are always valid.


A strong hook (usually with a catchphrase) is always effective. Then, we need to distill the value into a maximum of 60’’, even though we prefer 30’’ Reels.

We need to provide something helpful/interesting/informative in 30’’, but more importantly, we need to catch people’s attention within the first 2’’.

That’s the key to retaining people on the Reel. If we do so, we’ll manage to give a boost to the content as the algorithm will qualify it as “high-quality and engaging content”; boosting hit organically vs. other people’s content.


We choose a strong (usually controversial) hook on the carousels to catch people’s attention and engage the swipe right.

There is only one CTA; we don’t want people to get lost throughout the content by having too many requests and actions to perform.

The content is optimized to maximize readability and keep the user engaged.

The personalized copy is made on the deep buyer personas document. Our team constantly consults with the client to ensure we respect the brand’s ToV while maximizing the results of every piece of content.


For the stories, we always use the AIDA model: Attract, Interest, Desire, Action.

The Solution

The Strategy

We focused on putting Andrea’s face out there again, consistently.

The old community never forgot it, while the new generation started admiring him thanks to his sarcastic, controversial, and scientific approach to bodybuilding and fitness.

He started getting more and more traction thanks to the snowball effect while freeing up his time and focusing on growing his business rather than thinking about ideas for social media and creating content by himself.

The Results

The ROI?

Ask him (video testimonial below)!

Andrea Biasci, Founder of Project Invictus


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