Living Tea

40% email revenue in 7 months, with peaks of 59% during summer

$5k from a campaign
40% email revenue
Living Tea


Living Tea is an exceptional US brand launched by two incredible people that really care about their community and niche.

They sell tea and tea accessories across the USA—and they built a solid email list in the past years.

They were already doing a great job, but sales were struggling because of a lack of good website traffic.


The product is excellent, the target is narrow, and the communication is on point.

By the way, they needed to increase repetitive purchases, cross-selling, and up-sell opportunities to keep pace with the rising ad costs (and CPAs) – all while strengthening the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Also, they (reasonably) didn’t want to use any discount in the Welcome Series, as they would decrease the company’s profit in the front-end with no reason.


  1. Increase clients’ retention, as it’s a product you can buy multiple times per year.
  2. Strengthen the relationship with their audience and efficiently communicate live events through emails.
  3. Improve the overall look of the emails to reflect the company’s values and the brand’s guidelines.

Before Onik Lab

Only a handful of core flows were active on the account, with barely any A/B testing.

Flow revenue: $2,431 (9%)

Campaign revenue: $6,254 (15%)


After Onik Lab

Focus on flows’ optimization and implementation and consistent campaigns schedule to nurture the list while nudging them to the purchase.

Flow revenue: $5,551 (12%)

Campaign revenue: $17,449 (39%)


Email Design:

We study the brand’s guidelines in detail to ensure that our emails align with the other company content across the different platforms (ads, social media, etc.).

We always start with a beautiful e-mail template containing a catchy header that combines the best of visual design, intriguing copywriting, and a clear call to action.

The header is clean, as we don’t want to distract the user from the Call to Action.

We hate copy/paste in any form, so while scrolling down, we continue to deploy custom copywriting rather than pre-made templates.

The Solution- Campaigns


The main challenge was increasing the CLTV without being able to use any discount in the flows.

We started by analyzing the existing flows Living Tea had in place. An optimization to their core flows was needed to increase CTRs, but we also introduced new specific (missing) flows to better cover the customer lifecycle with multiple touchpoints.

One of these is the Back in Stock flow, which is crucial for a product people buy systematically every X weeks.

Browse Abandonment Flow:



We tested the sending domain’s reputation to gather information on its deliverability.

Checking it is crucial, and getting info on how many emails were sent in the past to determine if our list is used to receive content from the brand.

Then, we crafted a tailored content calendar based on the customers’ pain points, needs, and goals.

Add our design and copywriting… And voilà, the magic is done!

OL | 10/04/2022 – Our Favorite Practices To Support Your Spring Health


Spring Offline Retreat

Living Tea focuses on the community, organizing offline retreats to provide delighting experiences to all the brand’s loyal customers.

During the last Spring Retreat, we planned out a wide promotional schedule, including multiple sends to different list segments (including re-sends to Non-Openers).

OL | Spring Retreat


OL | Intensive Retreat


OL | Last Call: May Retreat Registration Ends Soon


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