+$50k/mo in email revenue after two months with Onik Lab

+26% Returning Customers
+7x ROI from Email


Moft creates portable, easy-to-use productivity accessories to simplify remote workers’ life, enabling them to go anywhere and always stay productive.

Thanks to their invisible Laptop, Phone, and Tablet stands, they’ve been featured on world-famous magazines such as Vogue, Mashable, and Wired.


They reached out to us because, although the exceptional work on the TOFU (especially paid ads), they lacked a Retention Marketing strategy to build loyalty and ensure repetitive purchases from their clients.

The list is pretty big, and so we needed to deeply segment the audience based on their behavior, gender, and touchpoint.


  1. Unblock a huge piece of untapped revenue thanks to Email & SMS Marketing;
  2. Increase the CLTV (Client Lifetime Value);
  3. Increase the AOV thanks to a strategic up-sell and cross-sell strategy;

Before Onik Lab

Only a handful of core flows were active on the account, with barely any A/B testing.

Flow revenue: $3,028 (1%)

Campaign revenue: $13,541 (4%)


After Onik Lab

Focus on flows’ optimization and implementation and consistent campaigns schedule to nurture the list while nudging them to the purchase.

Flow revenue: $26,476 (12%)

Campaign revenue: $38,086 (17%)


Email Design:

Although the hundred of A/B testing we keep running on these emails, the best practices are always valid.

We choose a standing Hero Image to catch people’s attention and engage the scrolling while keeping a clean header (and footer).

The CTA is only one, as we want people not to get lost throughout the email by too many requests and actions to perform.

The email is optimized to maximize the deliverability while having a stunning look when it comes to the design.

The personalized copy is made on the deep buyer personas’ Doc our team constantly consults to ensure we respect the brand’s ToV while maximizing the results of every email.

The Solution


We started by implementing all the core flows to ensure we were not leaving money on the table.

The goal was to start creating cash flow for the client while we were still working so that they were able to repay our investment with the same money we were helping them make.

As their big list, the WinBack Flow has been a real game-changer for them, allowing Moft to take low-hanging fruits from the very beginning of our collaboration.

Abandoned Cart Flow:



As usual, we tested the sending domain’s reputation to gather information on its deliverability.

We worked on a detailed audience segmentation to ensure we sent the right email, to the right person, at the right time.

The Average Open Rate is at 55.85%, an increase of +12.71% over the previous 30 days.

OL | 07/26/22 – Coastline Collection Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet


New Product Launch

We created a strategical campaign schedule for the Flash Wallet & Stand launch by creating a sequence of emails throughout the pre-launch to increase interest.

Below are the results of the last email related to the launch.

OL | 08/01/22 – New Product Launch – Flash Wallet & Stand


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