Project Invictus

600 tickets sold (sold-out) in two weeks thanks to short-form content (+$100k in revenue)

Project Invictus


Project Invictus is the most influential company in Italy’s bodybuilding/fitness space. Thousands of personal trainers have bought their books over the past few years (which are all bestsellers) and have crafted their skills thanks to the knowledge taken from Project Invictus’ blogs.

The Problem

They have dominated online for the past 7-8 years but have struggled to keep their authority on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. They struggled to repurpose the super famous (and clicked) blog posts into more “snackable” social media content people would like to check out.

This translated into a lack of positioning on new social media, giving their competitors all the space they needed to take a slice of the market.

They contacted us, and at that time, the only available asset for social media was a 100k followers IG page.

They didn’t have a strong brand ID (you couldn’t recognize their style if compared with the other online resources they posted), the content wasn’t optimized for social media, and there was low engagement (900 likes on average per post).


  1. Increase authority on social media to blow out competitors;
  2. Launch courses and events through social media to decrease CPA, and average ad spend;
  3. Increase engagement rate and clicks;

Before Onik Lab

They were inconsistently posting content without optimizing it for social media.

100k followers on IG

900 likes per post (on average)

10k average views on Reels

After Onik Lab

Focus on “snackable” content, consistent posting, strategic trending topics, and a lot, and a lot of A/B testing and daily optimization.

196k followers and counting

6k likes per post (on average)

100k average views on Reels


Although there is a vast amount of A/B testing on this content, the best practices are always valid.


A strong hook (usually with a catchphrase) is always efficient. Then, we need to distill the value into a maximum of 60’’, even though we prefer 30’’ Reels.

We need to provide something useful/interesting/informative in 30’’, but more importantly, we need to catch people’s attention within the first 2’’.

That’s the key to retaining people on the Reel. If we do so, we’ll manage to boost the content as the algorithm will qualify it as “high-quality and engaging content”; boosting hit organically vs other people’s content.


We choose a strong (usually controversial) hook on the carousels to catch people’s attention and engage the swipe right.

There is only one CTA; we don’t want people to get lost throughout the content by having too many requests and actions to perform.

The content is optimized to maximize readability and keep the user engaged.

The personalized copy is made on the deep buyer personas document. Our team constantly consults with the client to ensure we respect the brand’s ToV while maximizing the results of every piece of content.


For the stories, we always use the AIDA model: Attract, Interest, Desire, Action.

(Attach screens of carousels, reels, and stories before vs. later)

The Solution

The Strategy

First of all, we focused on giving Project Invictus a “face”; we found a person who could be the personalization of the company and trained him on how to record videos (how to stand in front of the camera, what to say and how, the best way to structure the hooks, etc.).

Then, we started reviewing the best resources they’ve published online for the past eight years (blog, YT videos, etc.) and started creating snackable content to repurpose everything on social media in a format people would have liked to consume quickly.

After this, we started collaborating with them on creating fast content based on trends (it blew up), and we coordinated with their team to launch events and products with the paid ads dep.

The Results

There is an increase of 2x on followers, 6x on ER, and 10x on Reels’ views.

But what about money?

Project Invictus increased its products’ sales compared with the previous year on every product we sponsored on the profile.

Also, the upcoming event (Project Invictus Convention) sold 600 tickets (€X) in 2 weeks.

They never sold all the tickets during the previous events. The same ad spend has been allocated.

Project Invictus’ 2022 Convention


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