W la Dislessia

Increased interactions and followers, and 1,600+ course subscribers.

W la Dislessia


W la dislessia is a method that stems from 15 years of experience in the field by Paola Saba, Valentina Conte, and Alessandro Rocco.

A fundamental aspect of their work is the continuous research and study of globally proven methods for learning, particularly for difficulties related to it.

The aim of W la dislessia is to help parents better understand what mistakes to avoid and what to do to help their children through an approach that is completely based on potential and not problems.

Target audience

W la dislessia is primarily aimed at parents of school-aged children and adolescents, mainly with dyslexia or other specific learning disorders. Parents who experience emotions such as frustration, despair, anxiety, and lack of confidence in school (and also in themselves).

Customer’s starting point and needs

Increase engagement rate and clicks

The customer started with a strong presence on YouTube and Facebook, an underdeveloped Instagram profile with fewer than 5,000 followers, and was completely absent on TikTok. The main needs were to have greater visibility and to find continuity in sales even without launches.

Case study

By studying the customer and the current market, we developed a targeted strategy for organic growth, which, through the creation of specific reels on the subject, would inform and raise awareness about difficulties related to learning and specific learning disorders while standing out for the accessibility of the content.

In just 30 days, we started regular publication on Instagram and reached 109 thousand people. It is interesting to note that interactions increased by 32.5% and the audience following the page grew by 14.9% (+733 new followers).

The coverage and interactions of the reels have already achieved a high level of virality in this first month and recorded a high level of approval based on audience interactions. Visits to the profile and clicks on the link also recorded significant percentages.

Regarding TikTok, we started from scratch and in a short time reached 15.9K followers and 112.2K likes. In less than a month, the profile became viral, among the most followed and appreciated on the platform in the Italian niche dealing with dyslexia and learning disorders.

We also achieved 181% more views on YouTube thanks to the publication of our YouTube shorts.

There is only one CTA; we don’t want people to get lost throughout the content by having too many requests and actions to perform.

The content is optimized to maximize readability and keep the user engaged.

The personalized copy is made on the deep buyer personas document. Our team constantly consults with the client to ensure we respect the brand’s ToV while maximizing the results of every piece of content.


For the stories, we always use the AIDA model: Attract, Interest, Desire, Action.

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